Sunday, 25 March 2012

SMH! Are Chris Brown And Rihanna Reuniting?

According to all sources, the pair are both going to be in Australia at the same time, and plan to perform their new songs together at an event at which Chris Brown is performing. The event in question; the Supafest festival features some unbelievable artists like P.Diddy and Missy Elliott, and has supported big rap and hip hop acts for years.

The pair, mostly centred on Rihanna, had criticism lashed upon them earlier in the year when they brought out two brand new remixes of individual songs; 'Birthday Cake' and 'Turn Up The Music'. Many thought that in Rihanna's place, its not right for her to go back to the man who beat her when she has legions of young female fans, however, some also applauded her forgiveness and both songs gained a significant level of publicity. 

Both Rihanna and Chris' representatives in the US are keen for the musical couple to publicly declare their 'musical love' for one another, and think that 'Supafest' would be the perfect place to do it. Its been one of Rihanna weakest musical years so far, and Chris' career has never really recovered from when he beat Rihanna in a post-Grammy bust up in 2009. Chris received five years probation and 1400 hours of community service. At the time, TMZ leaked photos of a black and bruised Rihanna and it shocked the world. Many are surprised she'd ever go back to the man that beat her. (Photo posted below.)

The only reason this is all possible is because they will be out in Auz at the same time, Rihanna for the launch of her new film 'Battleships' and Chris for said festival. The surprise performance is meant to take place on Sunday 14th April. 

Either way, we're think Rihanna is crazy. This man beat her and she is still going back to him. I'd like to know what the mothers of Rihanna's die hard teen female fns think about this and her actions, however, you can't judge unless you walk in someones else's shoes, and we'll hold judgement until they get back together.

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