Monday, 12 August 2013

Lady GaGa's New Single 'Applause' Officially Released ONE WEEK EARLY! Listen Here!

Lady GaGa's New Single 'Applause' Officially Released ONE WEEK EARLY die to leak issues and will now go head- to- head with Roar by Katy Perry! 


Listen Here!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

ADHD Is The Reason Britney Needs So Many X Factor Breaks!

Well now there’s an explanation why Britney Spears constantly take breaks during X Factor filming. It now comes to light that Brit has ADHA or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder! That’s a condition where a person suffering from it gets difficulty in focusing on some tasks at hand as well as over-activity.
It seems Brit was diagnosed with this disorder when she was in her teens and had to take medications for it. But at this time, the doctor has prohibited her from taking med commonly used for ADHD like Adderall or Ritalin because it interferes with the other meds she’s taking. For this reason, Brit needs to take breaks from the judging table.
Brit’s actions on the X Factor have sparked rumors that Simon Cowell regrets signing Britney on the show. But contrary to that, a source from the show said that Simon knows full well about her condition before letting her sign the contract and is supportive of her taking breaks.
So next time you don’t see her in her X Factor chair, don’t think much of it, she’s just taking her much-needed break.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mark Zuckerberg's New Wife- Her Super Simple Ring!

After the shock wedding of the year, Priscilla Chan took a walk around California while waiting to meet a  girlfriend for a lunch date, and the world finally got to see her wedding ring, which turned out to be a small intricate ruby ring, with two even smaller diamonds either side. Zuckerberg is said to have designed the ring himself, with his new wife's fiery personality in mind. The ring is beautiful, but surprisingly small for a man worth a reported $20 billion.

His friends still claim that he 'does not care for excessive shows of wealth', and that its only his new wife that really matters. 

Truth be told, with the Facebook stock sinking at a high level, I wouldn't want him to turn into a big spender too soon!

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Britney Walks Out After ONE DAY On The X Factor!

The pop princess has been said to have been devastated when a contestant completely butchered her 2010 hit 'Hold It Against Me' at the auditions, during which she felt people were laughing at her. According to sources on the set of filming, straight after the audition she got up and walked out, 'without saying anything to anybody'. You can see from the picture below...

Friends of the superstar have been worried about how they feel she will handle the pressure of judging on such a high profile show- apparently, Britney hates criticism- she knows she can't sing, write or tour like the best any longer, and she knows she'll come under fire for it. A source claims 'the money was just too good to turn down.'

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The Britney walk out has already been marred by a string of incidents that day, that begun with Simon Cowell tweeting; 'been waiting for Britney for 2 hours now.'

She did however, look stunning on the day of filming in a hot pink dress, and sky high heels! (pics above!)

If you don't already have it, you can get Britney's Incredible Album 'Circus' at HUGELY discounted Prices on Amazon, below!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Will Smiths Son Jaden Releases First Music Video + Launches Career!!

He's only 13 but is already going on to follow in the successful steps of mother Jada and father Will Smith. Here's his first music video!

He's now going to have to contend with younger sister Willow who has also forged herself a successful career in the music biz!

How Much Are Demi Lovato And Britney Spears Getting Paid For X Factor?

Yesterday it was announced that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato had signed on as the new X Factor judges, joining LA Reid and Simon Cowell, possibly making it the most superstar filled show in the world!

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Britney is reportedly taking $15million ($5million a month), while Demi Lovato is getting just under $1 million, around $330,000 a month...a big different between the two!

Personally, we're super excited to see how they both fit in and how it'll change the show forever! We definitely think it'll be in line for a ratings boost!

OMG! Lady GaGa Concerts CANCELLED In Asia!

Little monsters in some parts of Asia will no longer get to party with their mother monster! Police, officials and religious protestors have revoked Gaga's performance rights, which means any one who has booked tickets, won't be able to see her.

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Since she launched the 'Born This Way Ball' two weeks ago in Korea, Lady G has come under huge criticism for her racey outfits and dance routines. In the Philippines, Korea, Japan and Indonesia, Islamic protestors have attempted to get ALL the Gaga shows cancelled.

Indonesia is the first country to fall to the pressure, with one official comparing Gaga to 'the devil himself' and the reaction has been outrage worldwide.

The lady herself is yet to comment, but has been putting picture like the one below up on twitter;