Monday, 2 April 2012

Madonna's Children Hate Her Music

The queen of pop has come forward and said that her children actually hate her music. She claims they are 'torturously' honest when it comes to music- and none of them like her style of music. Apparently they are much more into rock; 'They'll say 'Mum, get that song off, even when its mine. Its hurtful, but at least their honest.'

Madge said that she is going to the gym more than ever in a bid to get fit for her upcoming 50 country world tour. She told The Sun newspaper in the UK that she had never 'worked so hard' nor been so 'scrupulous' with her fitness routine and she is ready for a long hard couple of months. She claims the best thing for her toned and shaped body is 'dance cardio and lots of pilates'. 

Her world tour is supposed to be one of the biggest extravaganza's ever. GaGa is said to be threatened as after years of world domination, this is the first year she will have to deal with the Queen of Pop after almost 4 years of comparisons. Either way, its slated to be a huge showdown.

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  1. Bullshit. She was talking about them being honest about disliking a song (ANY song), regardless of the artist, & sometimes that song might be one of hers.