Sunday, 1 April 2012

OMG! The Whole NEW Nicki Minaj Album Has Leaked, 4 Days Before Release! Its Amazing! Listen Here!

OH WOW! Nicki Minaj will definitely want to take her Romans Revenge now! The whole of her album has leaked online just days before the real release date of her album!

Songs like 'Come On A Cone' and 'Pound The Alarm' are the real highlights of the album, along with 'I Am Your Leader'. Funnily, the single that was meant to be the lead single 'Va Va Voom', is only on the deluxe addition. It was originally supposed to be the 1st single, but was scrapped the day before release in place of 'Starships.' She even filmed a video late December.

The second single 'Right By My Side with Chris Brown is also amazing, having impacted the charts last week. The overriding theme of the album seems to be a lot more fun, poppy and dancey than her previous record, and although keeping within her rapper status, she seems to be becoming a lot more commercial. We're not complaining though...its amazing! 

ALTHOUGH we don't condone illegal can preview the whole album here;

Nicki Album (Redirects To Youtube)

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