Saturday, 24 March 2012

OMG! Britney Spears Will Almost Definitely Be An X Factor Judge!

So this week we wrote about how Britney Spears was still in talks with the X Factor USA producers and Simon Cowell. BUT in the last few days, some interesting new things have come to light, advancements that as of yet, the entertainment industry simply don't know about...It seems as though its one hundred percent that Britney WILL be a judge on X Factor.

She has been in constant talks with her lawyers and various big players at the network, and she has laid down a figure as high as $15 million for her services. According to sources, Miss. Spears has agreed to take the job if the pay if is that high. In fact, this wage would make her the highest paid judge in reality TV show history.

Brit + our fave girl Kim at this years Clive Davis pre-grammy party.

The 'femme fetale' superstar has demanded that she does not travel during the taping of the show, mostly so she can spend as much time with her children as possible, much in the vain of Howard Stern who moved the whole of the America's Got Talent taping to NYC to fit in with his radio show.

Either way, go Britney. This job will not only make her truckloads of money, but it will also really help her career. some people still think she's a little kray, so this will make a world of difference!

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