Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rihanna Has Crazy 'Fan' Anxiety

One of the worlds biggest superstars spoke to British 'More!' magazine at the weekend in a bid to tout her amazing new film 'Battleships', and she admitted that she had 'fan anxiety', and finds the attention uncomfortable and annoying, 
seeing the flashes and screaming as horrifying. 

She told the english rag; 'Its anxiety at its finest, and its sometimes overwhelming. You almost hold your breath until the cameras stop flashing, it will never be second nature.' The 'Talk That Talk' singer claims that even with the constant media hounding and fan attention, her close group of friends are what keeps her grounded; 'I'm very loyal and i'll tell it how it is. But i turn to my friends all the time- i trust them so much!' 'They're brutally honest and sometimes i need that'!

This is one star with her feet firmly on the ground!

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