Monday, 26 March 2012

Robbie Williams Interested In MJ's Death House?

The singing superstar is apparently interested in the house in which Michael Jackson rented when he died,  and where he took the lethal concoction of medication that led to his death. Robbie rocked up to the house last Thursday afternoon and took a look around.

The house has been listed for the third time for a knocked down price of $23.9million, and is own by the CFO of Ed Hardy. Due to its circumstances, buyers have been hard to come by- yet Robbie with his equally weird fascination with UFO's seems persistent to purchase this house. The only problem for potential buyers, in a ploy to avoid time wasters is that they have to prove to the real estate agents that they can afford it. Robbie shouldn't have a problem with this, last year his estate was valued at around $140 million, and he has a house in Beverly Hills worth $16million, he also bought a pricey piece of real estate and turned it into a football pitch, so he clearly isn't short of cash.

His rep was contacted by TMZ, yet he chose not to respond! The house in question is 17,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms, and 13 bathrooms. 

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