Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher: Hooking Up?

Apparently so, Sources say that photographers caught Rihanna driving up to the $10-million property close around midnight last night. She did not leave until around 4am. 

This isn't the only visitor that Ashton has had recently. The Biebs also rocked up to view the property with a view to buy it. 

You may say that RiRi obviously just wants to snap the place up too, only difference is...Biebs visited during business hours. 

Personally, i'd like to see Demi's reaction to this whole situation. Funny the way he likes to party it up while Demi is still struggling with her own personal battle. And Chris? He won't be too happy considering that only weeks ago Rihanna is supposed to have given him an ultimatum to leave his model girlfriend, and threatened that if he didn't, he would never get to see her again. 

Rumours have been rife that the two would be getting back together since two new remixes that pair created together have circulated with both 'Birthday Cake' and 'Turn Up The Music' remixes gaining huge press attention, mostly for the wrong reasons, and Rihanna has come under a large amount of fire from the international press and women's charities about it, since Chris hit her in a post grammy's argument in 2009.

However, If this is a new romance, we're excited to see the consequences.

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