Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Is Paris Hilton Upset Her Fame Is Over?

We earlier reported that Paris Hilton has completely disappeared off the media radar, and that on a recent trip to Australia she had to take two of her ownphotogrophers, as she was worried that the press in Aus simply wouldn't be interested in her.

She wasn't right- but she wasn't wrong either. In her heyday, she would have been mobbed, but she only has one TV interview lined up- With morning show 'Sunrise'. And when they asked her the question: 'what will you do when your fame is over?' she very relaxedly said, 'live a normal life and hopefully have children.' After the interview though, she asked the interviewer and the production to edit the question out- and they refused. Subsequently, Paris banned the TV company from any red carpet events she was at, and any further TV interviews.

Touchy, Paris?

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