Sunday, 6 May 2012

Did Usher's Ex-Wife Threaten To Kill Him?

Usher and his ex, Tamika Raymond, have been embroiled in a massive custody battle for months now over their two children, Usher alleging his ex-wife is unfit to look after the children, and this week, it all came a head in a Georgia Courtroom.

Under oath, Usher's crazy ex-wife, did not admit to threatening to kill him, but did say that she threatened to 'f**k him up'. However, she claimed that she only said it out of anger- she's had enough of Usher swooping in an doug of town with his new girlfriend. Its embarrassing in such a tight knit community.

Usher looked tired in court yesterday as its also reported she rang Usher's new GF, and told her that she would 'kill them both'. 

This is one crazy mama! One that i wouldn't feel safe leaving my kids with at any rate!

Go Usher!

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