Sunday, 15 April 2012

OMG! Nicki Minaj Wanted To 'Kill' Her Father As A Child

When Nicki appeared on 'Nightlife' earlier this week she spoke of her fathers anger problems and issues with both alcohol and drugs, and she claimed that he would often threaten 'to kill her mother' and once 'burned  down our family home' while on a coke trip. Scary stuff!

According to family members, her father is totally cut up about her admission that she wanted to 'kill' him, because of what he did to her family. He has been the centre of many of her song's, yet 'never realised' that she felt this way about him when she was younger. Not only that but close relations also claim that Nicki's annecdotes are way over the mark and a gross exaggeration of her fathers personality.

Her father Omar has now had to defend himself and has claimed that although he used to have anger problems, he would never dream of threatening his wife, and he is astonished by the claims that his Pop Princess daughter has made. According to him, he loves his daughter and family... and always has.


  1. I cannot belive this!!!

  2. i can't believe this! this is very shocking!!!!

  3. This is very shocking to hear about but i wont blame her i would be mad at him too if i was her and her father was on drugs and she did not have a father figer growing up!