Sunday, 6 May 2012

Amanda Bynes Involved In Another Hit And Run!!

Well, the good news is that she didn't hit a cop car this time. However, Amanda Bynes clipped another car last night while driving down a California freeway.

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Its said that the man who was hit was ready to pull over to exchange numbers with the star, but called the police when the Range Rover appeared to drive off. Eventually, police caught up with Bynes, who claimed she did not even realise she'd hit the other car! Although that sounds unlikely, the damage to her car was barely visible. 

Its said that (Thank God!) Amanda wasn't drunk as she has previously been. The police weren't going to charge her as they believed she had made an honest mistake! She was very co-operative with the law enforcement and exchanged details with the other driver...eventually! Bynes hit the headlines last month for drink driving, for which she was arrested.

A far cry from our favourite kids show actress!

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