Friday, 13 April 2012

WOW! Did Chris Brown Force Ashton Kutcher To Leave Rihanna Alone

Apparently, Breezy sent a message to Ashton through a friend and mediator Diddy, and not only that but Diddy warned Ashton that Chris was dead serious that he go no where near Rihanna. This comes after pictures were taken of Rihanna leaving Ashton's new bachelor pad at 4am, having arrived at 12, Possibly for a bootycall? 

Even though Brown is currently in an 'open' relationship with a young model with an unpronounceable name, he is apparently still seriously in love with RiRi. This is why he is so intent on interfering in Rihanna's love life, and she has not taken it well. A source say's that she was 'hurt' and 'angry' that Chris has his cake and wants to eat it too, she wants him to break up with Karrueche Tran before feeling like he has the right to get involved in her life so strongly, she wants her own life and wants to get over Chris. 

He can't move on, but he can't let Tran down either, because she's stayed with him through all sorts of allegation, rumours, and taken a lot of criticism for being with a notorious woman-beater. 


  1. :( love is not a commitment; it is an unexplainable feeling that prompts one to act with no other reason but loving itself.

  2. Chris needs to go somewhere and sit down after he beat up Rihanna he really needs to go somewhere......but it is wat ever.