Tuesday, 15 May 2012

OMG! Lady GaGa Concerts CANCELLED In Asia!

Little monsters in some parts of Asia will no longer get to party with their mother monster! Police, officials and religious protestors have revoked Gaga's performance rights, which means any one who has booked tickets, won't be able to see her.

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Since she launched the 'Born This Way Ball' two weeks ago in Korea, Lady G has come under huge criticism for her racey outfits and dance routines. In the Philippines, Korea, Japan and Indonesia, Islamic protestors have attempted to get ALL the Gaga shows cancelled.

Indonesia is the first country to fall to the pressure, with one official comparing Gaga to 'the devil himself' and the reaction has been outrage worldwide.

The lady herself is yet to comment, but has been putting picture like the one below up on twitter;


  1. she's pretty in that picture

    1. ikr!!! wait u mean in the second pic rite??