Wednesday, 25 April 2012

OMG! Beyonce PAYS To Be The Worlds Most Beautiful Woman!?

This is a shocking one. Apparently, women like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez PAY to be the worlds most beautiful women. According to sources, magazines like Maxim, Us Weekly and People magazine will attempt to shop their editorial titles to the women who want it most. One employee claimed; 'these ladies have the worlds best lawyer, publicists and agents, and in fact, the publicity they get from both males and females for being the 'most beautiful' is very lucrative. It can increase the selling power of any cosmetics or beauty brands they have, and gives them a rare amount of good publicity.'

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Its said that in the past Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have all payed for the titles, and the sales of albums and endorsements have gone through the roof, showing it as a clever celebrity trend, with lots to be gained. 

This is a pressing allegation as recently it was found out that designers on various worldwide fashion stages at different fashion weeks will pay celebrities up to $15,000 a time to sit on their front row, and wear their products just for the press call and sitting in the show for an hour. Well worth it for the celebrity, well worth it for the designers publicity...yet the public feel exploited.

We wait for the magazines reaction.

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