Friday, 30 March 2012

Kris Humpries Wants To Take Kim Kardashian To The Cleaners

According to Kris' lawyers, he wants Kim to be forced to show accounting documents of any money that she made during the time that she was with him. This is an operation to show that their marriage was fraudulent and that she only married him for the publicity, her tv program and the money that she could earn through the drama.

This week, she very publicly made the cover of US Weekly, stateside, with the tag line; 'My Divorce Hell'. On the cover it refers to Kim as 'desperate and humiliated', that she has 'begged Kris to set her free', and that the magazine believe that he is 'plotting to take her money and ruin her name.' Through all the press, it seems that everyone has a side. Is there no possibility from his perspective that she did just make a mistake, her breaking down hysterically on her TV show seemed genuine, and maybe the big deal made about the wedding and all of the money is just about her job- being Kim Kardashian is her talent- not singing or acting. From a personal point of view,it seems she was very much in love, and realised Kris is the awful person we see here, destructive and arrogant.

After a plea for a quickie divorce, Kris completely rejected Kim, and has wanted to drag it through the courts, even moving his lawyers base to LA, just so that it is legal to have press coverage in the court room. 

Even more pathetically, Kris wants to be compensated for the gifts that Kim has kept, as after the wedding Kim totalled the gift value, doubled it and made a generous donation to a charity of her choice. He claims that she should never have done that, and that to give away/ sell gifts like that has to be signed off by the other spouse so they have an option to say yes or no to removing the joint possessions. 

It seems Kris is a desperate man, with no respect for his ex-wife, who seemed to love him, and whom has acknowledged her mistake, and seems desperate to rob her of her dignity, money and ruin her name completely, in some sort of sick revenge. This man needs to sort out his problems, fast.

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