Thursday, 19 April 2012

New Tell-All Book On Simon Cowell Claims 'Jessie J Is A Lesbian!

As an explosive new tell-all about Simon Cowell hits the shelves, many different sources have been displaying themselves, making all different kinds of allegations about music boss Cowell, and indirectly, his co-stars, enemies and 'The Voice' rival Jessie J.

This morning, Simon claimed that this week had been the worst week of his life, and that he was 'saddened' by claims that he had had an affair with X Factor judge Dannii Minogue in secret. However, the book did put to bed claims that Cowell was gay, saying; 'yes, Simon was camp, yet never gay.' He has been taunted for years by the press claiming he was gay, due to his vain habits and many gay friends.

However, one person indirectly attacked has been worldwide superstar Jessie J, whom the book claims  'is a complete lesbian'. The only reason she hides it behind her 'bisexuality' is because she did not want to lose her record deal with Universal, or turn men off. she is currently starring on 'The Voice' in the UK as a coach, and as someone who insists she is 'very real', it will come as a big blow to her. 

The book has been given extracts by the Sun newspaper everyday this week, and you can buy the book next week. It looks absolutely incredibly and i can't recommend it enough, even if just for a gossip!

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  1. Is Jessie J really a lesbian?