Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Did Drake Propose To Rihanna!?

According to her little brother, thats exactly what he did. Years ago, Riri and Drake dated before his career took off and hers was getting started. Apparently, she turned him down because she wanted to concentrate on her career!


The fact that they even dated is news! The two singers have always had great chemistry in music videos, and with the release of the long awaited 'Take care' video, their relationship is getting more press than ever! And now, we know, Rihanna little brother, 'Fenty', said that Drake even came over to him in a club to talk, and as their relationship had moved so fast, the Young Money rapper may have proposed.

We think that the pair would make a great couple, but Riri's younger brother went on to say that 'Chris Brown will always be Robyn's soulmate'. Is that tension we can spell in the air between Drake and Breezy?

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