Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Could One Direction Be On The Verge Of Break-Up Already!?

Apparently so! According to sources One Direction may have to change its name or part ways for good, as a US band with the same name are suing, and it seems they've been around much longer than our UK X Factor runner ups! The US version of the band have been selling their album on iTunes since February 2011, and that is way before the UK band ever released material stateside! Although they are not signed to a label, the US bands lawyers have been in talks with Simon Cowell, owner of the UK bands name and rights, and accordingly; Cowell offered them $1 million to slip it under the rug.

According to sources in the US, the band believe that although they are much smaller, it will cause market confusion and use a recent example of UK One Directions appearance on the today show in America- were although it was their faces that were used in the segment celebrating the UK bands success, it was a track called 2012 by the American band that was played.

The UK 1D do not want to have to change their name or split- but it looks like it may be their only option as the US one direction have filed a lawsuit for an injunction and well over $1 million in damages. Surely and easy option for the boys would just be to change their name to 1D, or One Direction UK, much like wham did in the 1980's when they were forced to change their name to 'Wham UK'.

It'll be exciting to see what's going to happen!

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