Monday, 16 April 2012

Demi Moore Returns To Twitter After Rehab!

An exhausted Demi Moore has returned to twitter last night with a tweet, 'testing...' and throwing up this picture to her 4.9 million followers. Other than a brief promotional tweet to tell fans about a friends new TV show, Demi has not been seen on Twitter since late December.

Her and Ashton Kutcher were the first real celebrity tweeters, and set the standard of tweeting by holding nothing back, and led the way for many more huge stars, like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa to do it big on Twitter.

Interestingly, Demi comes back with the name '@mrskutcher', a fact that many day-dreamers may see as a sign that her and Ashton will get back together. But after we reported two weeks ago that she was livid over claims that he has slept with Rihanna, we don't think this will be a possibility, with friends claiming that things have gone 'too far'. In fact, its more of a practical thing, she's been known on the Social Networking site as @mrskutcher for years, and to change it is either not possible or impractical. 

Its understandable that Demi hasn't had time to tweet, she had a really rough start to 2012, with a well publicised marriage break down, followed by an actual break down and then a stint in rehab. Friends say Demi is a new and vibrant person, yet she still pines for Ashton.

It will be interesting to see what her next tweet is! 

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