Monday, 16 April 2012

OMG! Marc Anthony Never Filed For Divorce From J-LO Because He Was Still In Love With Her!

Its official! On monday. Marc Anthony filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez- but not because he wanted too! According to sources Marc went to visit American Idol judge Jen and their two children in Miami, and asked her whether she really wanted to be apart forever, considering they have children, their joint projects and all their happy memories. Jennifer completely rejected him, telling friends; 'I'm in love with Casper.'

New boyfriend Casper Smart is one of Jennifer dancers and a recent love interest, and while they've been on holidays to Mexico and Brazil together and Casper is said to be smitten with the star, who is significantly older. 

We wonder if Jen will live to regret that decision, and not only because she has a long and traumatic history with dancers. Although for now, she wants to pursue her relationship, Marc will always be the father of her children, and once they're divorced Marc has told friends, 'thats final!' and he'll no longer be in Jennifers life. The pair have been cordial since their split, for their kids sake and for their  charitable obligations, but there are whisperings that this was only to satisfy Jennifer, and for Marc to get her back.

What do YOU think?

Jennifer's New Single 'Dance Again' ft. Pitbull is available now!

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  1. I actually thought that their divorce was final already o_0