Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pippa Middleton Under Police Investigation After Friend Points Gun At Paparazzi

Last weekend, Prince Williams sister-in-law was shopping in the french capital, Paris, and as she finished another errand she hopping into an Audi convertible with 3 other friends. The driver, who has yet to be named, pointed either a real or toy pistol at photographer's on mopeds, who had been following the small group all day. Pippa has since been questioned at her hotel by police, and come under a lot of criticism for the event.

 Clearly, she needs to be more careful who she spends time with, being the louder and sexier sister of conservative Duchess Kate Middleton. We don't think she's going to be happy when she see's these pictures.

Pippa Middleton became a household name after she wore 'that' dress at sites Kate Middleton and Prince Williams wedding, almost one year ago. Since then her life has not been the same and photographers chase her everywhere she goes. And now she's in with the royal family, she cannot put a step wrong.

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The famous dress showed off her assets in all the right places, and the next days paper had her on the cover- rather than the future King and Queen of England, hence why this latest drama has been such a shock for the family. Earlier in the week she was also pictured with a French Viscount, who was dressed in chains and a dog collar,a S&M type of outfit, that would not have looked out of place in a Rihanna video. Pippa wore a simple yet sexy medieval dress at the party.

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  1. Did anyone get shot, yes or no? If no then why whine about it? Perhaps if someone had waved off these bloodhounds Princes Di would still be alive..?