Friday, 23 March 2012

Whitney's Cause Of Death Finally Revealed: Cocaine, Heart Attack + Drowning

So Whitney's cause of death has finally been released. It revealed that she had a cocaine over dose, a minor heart attack which led to her drowning, alone in a bath in a Beverly Hills Hotel.

The coroner believes that Whitney's long term use of cocaine led to her heart 'event', which triggered her passing out, and therefore led to what was believed to be the cause of death initially; drowning.

Whitney has suffered from long term drug problems, even making a seemingly shambolic performance on the UK X Factor in 2008 after she'd claimed that she was over all of her problems. Last year she was interviewed by Oprah, admitted that in the past she had had problems, but she was over them and moving on with her life, while trying to be a good mother to daughter Bobbi-Kristina.

Sadly, she passed away the day before the Grammys this February, obviously not over her drug issues. Sparking fears, Bobbi-Kristina was admitted to Cedar-Sinai medical institute in LA just hours after her mothers death, and was reportedly found smoking pot just hours after her funeral.

We hope this gives closure to her family and to the world who continue to mourn the tragic death of Whitney Houston.

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