Sunday, 6 May 2012

Angelina Jolie Starving Herself As Her Hair Falls Out In Clumps!

Although the skinny star looked extremely emaciated at the 2012 Oscars a couple of months back- Its nothing to how she looks now! 

Apparently, the star is trying to look picture perfect for her role in the upcoming film 'Maleficent'. Friends have said that Brad is 'losing his mind with worry' and has thrown out an ultimatum to her- 'put on ten pounds before the wedding or else!' 

Brad has taken a year out of his career to plan their wedding and spend some time with his family. With all the spare time, he has noticed Angelina's dangerous eating habits even more, and he feels she's starting to get much too extreme, 'Brad can run his fingers through Ange's hair, and it falls out in big clumps.' Angelina is 5'7 and weighs in at just 100 pounds.

As she is ageing, its said Angelina is becoming more and more insecure about the way that she looks, believing it will affect her career if she doesn't look perfect! She's worried about all the amazing young actresses who are exactly like her- and all she feels is envy. 

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A friend has claimed, 'She wants to show everyone that she's the hottest A-List Actress in Hollywood- at any cost.'

Here, we totally understand the pressure to look Hollywood hot, but we also appreciate the benefits of being healthy- we don't think its a good example for her kids. Put on some weight, Angelina!

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