Friday, 23 March 2012

OMG! Was Lindsay Lohan Involved In A Hit and Run!?

The man who has accused Lindsay Lohan of hitting him with her car last week is said to be demanding a huge pay out from the actress.
According to sources who told TMZ, Thaer Kamal has had his lawyer contact the 25-year-old actress's lawyer Shawn Holley, asking for a six-figure sum.
The source told the website that Kamal has not yet been interviewed by the police over the ordeal, seemingly holding off to see if he can obtain the cash.

The website also report that Kamal's lawyer claims he has surveillance video of the ordeal in his possession.
He claims it shows Lohan jumping out of her Porsche following the incident, and 'wobbling' as she walks over to the passenger side of the car to swap seats with her passenger, who then drives off. 

The offer comes as Lohan is due in court next Thursday for her final probation hearing.
Kamal's lawyer reportedly gave Holley until today to pay the sum.
If Kamal is in possession of a video proving Lohan did commit a hit and run, it could be grounds for violation of her probation, meaning Lohan could go to jail.
TMZ reports that Lohan has apparently turned down the offer and Kamal is now allegedly planning to shop the video.
Earlier this week it was reported that Lohan would be taking legal action against Kamal, should he file a civil lawsuit against her. 
According to Radar Online, the the actress 'will counter-sue and hold him responsible for the allegations he has made.'
Lohan was leaving Sayers Club in Hollywood in the early hours of last Thursday morning in her black Porsche when she is said to have been blocked by a group of paparazzi and club-goers from the nearby Hookah Lounge. 
It is reported that the actress attempted to do a three point turn in an alleyway, where she is alleged to have 'grazed' the manager of the Hookah Lounge.
However, a source told Radar that the man initially told police at the scene that he was not hit by the car.
The website alleges that after finding out Lohan was the driver, 'the reported victim went to a hospital emergency room, hired a lawyer and changed his story.'

Lindsay took to her website to counter the claims made about her; She wrote: 'Scrape? This is all a complete lie. I've been at community service. Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn't even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd.'

Lindsay is still on probation after she pleaded guilty in May last year to stealing a necklace from jewellery store in Venice, California.
However, she is due to have her final progress report hearing on Thursday, March 29 and will be taken off probation if she successfully completes the remainder of her court ordered community service and therapy sessions.
According to Radar, the actress 'immediately notified her probation officer about the allegations made against her.'

Either way, we hope Lindsay can sort out whatever is going on. She seems to be getting her life back on track, and making positive changes!

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