Tuesday, 27 March 2012

OMG! Lindsay Lohan + Whoopi Goldberg To Appear In Glee!

Okay, so we're not big fans of Glee, but this got us mighty excited, and now...not tuning in simply won't be an option! At 2:30 today, Lindsay rep confirmed; 'Lindsay will be appearing on an episode of Glee.' Lohan is supposed to have been cast as playing a judge at Nationals, and is going to have a big part towards the end of the season. Nothing has yet been signed, but Lindsay seems excited to get the gig, and the producers know they're lucky to have her! Whoopi, on the other hand will be playing a recruiter for NYADA, the talent school Rachel and Kurt desperately want to go too!

This has been an incredible week for Miss. Lohan who started on a downer after being accused by a nightclub owner of a hit-and-run, and then being followed for millions of dollars to keep it out of court by the same man, who it seems was making the whole thing up. It could have completely ruined her latest probation hearing, but luckily the judge saw through it, and Lindsay came out yesterday smiling! Details are yet to be revealed about exactly what was said, although we're sure she's been behaving.

We're excited to see the next Glee season!

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