Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chris Brown Supports Tragic Trayvon!

Chris Brown is the latest in a long line of celebrities taking a stand against unnecessary violence (Kinda ironic considering he battered Rihanna, eh?). This was in aid of the latest wave of attacks on black youth in America, which has gripped the nation for weeks.

Many public figures have stepped forward to confront the Trayvon Martin's story. The picture tweeted above was explicitly directed at the Trayvon campaign, as it featured the caption; 'Trayvon Martin'.

If you haven't heard about Trayvon, or you've been living under a rock, the guy was 17 years old, black and wearing a hoodie. He was walking home from the convenience store on his home block in Miami, and a self appointed neighbourhood watchman shot him dead. Trayvon did not have a criminal record and have never done anything unjust, on this occasion, he had done nothing wrong either. The man in question, a 28-year-old latino had rung the police 46 times since the start of the year on many different counts. Long story short, the case went to trial, and unbelievably, the man who shot Trayvon dead came away with nothing; not even a criminal record, after citing that he had been using 'self defence' against the teen.

This was inexplicable, as the young man had been doing nothing wrong, and its seen by many as a racially based attack- he was black and was wearing a hoodie. The campaign to see justice for Trayvon has truly gone viral, on the level of Kony 2012. Millions of people have put photos all over the internet, made Trayvon a trending topic, and literally taken over every single media outlet.

We think whats gone on here is completely wrong- and well done Chris for coming out and supporting such a good and just cause!

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