Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lourdes Caught Smoking! UH-OH, What will Madonna say?

OMG! Lourdes Leon was caught smoking today on the street, in front of hoards of paparazzi. Her male friend helped her light it and she seemed to be enjoying herself. Some how we don't think that the main material girl Madonna is going to be very happy about it! In NYC, where the pair live, the legal smoking age is 18, yet they take a much harder stance on under age smoking then in Europe. 

However, its not like Madonna doesn't treat her young daughter like an adult. They run a hugely successful fashion line together, that has even stretched as far as stationary. Not only that but Madonna also wants the 15-year-old to join her as a backing dancer on her 50 country world tour- despite the sexually graphic and explicit dance routines. It will be the first time that Lourdes has ever joined her mother on stage. 

Recently, Madonna's rep had to defend the 'Girls Gone Wild' singer as she was caught with a cigarette in her hand on the set of her film W.E. They completely denied that Madonna had begun smoking again, but maybe in future Madonna will think about the influence she has over young ladies- especially the most important lady in her life, her daughter.

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