Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Situation + Snooki Phased Out For 'More Exciting' Castmates On The Shore

With the news of Snooki's pregnancy, and The Situation's recent referral into rehab for substance abuse, there are questions hanging over the heads of all the big bosses at MTV. They are excepted to make an announcement next week about who will be returning to the shore and who will not- though according to sources, everyone should be coming back.

Sadly, they believe that things will not be the same- Snooki will have a child and undoubtably the Sitch will come under fire if he dares take a drink in the Jersey Shore house. To this end, there are mutterings within MTV that they will be looking for newer, younger talent for the networks biggest ever hit- and they plan to phase out Snooki and The Situation- the most famous pair to have come from the show.

Snooki will be okay without a doubt, she has a steady life, steady boyfriend and a new spin off reality TV show that she is currently filming with best friend J-WWOW,  and this doesn't require what the jersey shore house does- constant drinking and partying. As for Mike, his major payouts and livelihood come from drinking and clubbing, with his personal appearances making up to $100,000 a time. He won't be able to drink, and he has never taken up offers of his own reality TV show. It seems that this show is to be what made them, and what will break them.

Its not known whether all the stars will be removed for newer, more exciting cast members or whether they will just wait for them to hand in their own resignations from the show. Personally, the situation and Snooki MAKE the show, therefore to remove them would be the worst thing possible. It would ruin the whole vibe of the show, and the other cast mates really aren't as exciting. 

Good luck to them!

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