Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lindsay Lohan Has 'No Worries' After Hit And Run

Earlier this week, we reported that Lindsay Lohan's Porsche was scratched and smashed in after she apparently committed a hit and run felony in Hollywood. However, it is possible the man in question is making everything up.

Lindsay has told friends that she believes that the judge will realise that it is just someone trying to make a quick buck from her name, and that she is not worried about the allegations. It has been reported that the guy who she apparently hit is demanding a six-figure payout to make it all go away, something Lindsay will not accept. According to sources close to the star, she has recently made huge changes in her life, and cannot be stopped by people constantly trying to bring her down, and although the allegations will be reported during her final probation hearing later this week, she is confident she will come out on top. She has had a good relationship with both the Judge and her probation officer who have seen the positive attitude she now holds, and she is sure the final reports will be positive, regardless of the man making the allegation, who sources have referred to as a 'bug'.

Hopefully it all turns out well for Lilo.

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