Friday, 30 March 2012

Is Angelina About To Have Her Children Taken Away?

According to the national enquirer, the answer is yes. Pax, her second eldest has been in contact with his birth mother in Vietnam after having agreed an open adoption 10 years ago. To this end Pax's mother has now decided that she would would like her child back to be with her.

For Pax, who has lived a lavish life for the last ten years, this would have devastating consequences. he cannot talk his home language, has never stayed in vietnam, and live in LA all his life. The change in lifestyle and culture would simply be too much of a battle. Its said that Angelina is more than ready to fight for the child, who has grown up and known Angie as his mother since he was two years old. Not only would he have to leave his parents, he would also be leaving a huge family, all of whom are extremely fond of Pax.

Do you think that Pax's mother has the right to demand him back? Personally, i'm not so sure, the difference in their lives is just too great, and would make Pax so uncomfortable. Not only that, but Pax has never met his mother. Although it more nature that he should go back, its completely unfair on him.

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