Thursday, 29 March 2012

OMG! Did Whitney Houston Call 911 From Her Death Bath!?

According to the National Enquirer, thats exactly what she did. This week, the magazine that bought the photo of Whitney Houston lying dead in her coffin, reports that 911 had a call from a lady clearly in severe about of emotional stress. reportedly, the call was wild and rambling, the phone operators did not even understand what she was saying. They did not realise it was Whitney until later on, when they'd traced the call to her this time, she was already dead.

Of course, Whitney's death could never be blamed on them, she was in a state of annihilation, and in accordance with the time of the call, her body was discovered less than one hour later.

Whitney has had huge problems with drugs for many years, and by the early 2000's many were convinced she had cleaned up her act. Only last week it was revealed that her cause of death was a mix of three things; cocaine overdose, a minor heart attack brought on by the drug usage, which made her pass out and led to her death by drowning.

The Enquirer also reports that a man had tidied her room before the police made an appearance, taking out a $1,000 bag of cocaine. how she could afford this is a mystery; Whitney was apparently broke and living off $100 handouts from friends. The man in question claims he was only doing it to preserve her memory in the right way, but the police still want to talk to him. He has spoken to many media outlets, however, and made considerable money from the ordeal. Do you think he did the right thing?

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