Friday, 13 April 2012

OMG! J.K.Rowling Has A New Novel!

The new novel, called 'The Casual Vacancy' is the first novel for adults by Rowling and is set to be one of the years biggest sellers without a doubt, although some cynics are dreading it; saying it will ruin her, believing Harry Potter to be just a lucky break and some reviewers desperate to get their claws into it. Her publisher, LittleBrown, have already released it to iTunes for preorder, and it will be available for purchase from September 27th 2012. They described the novel thus-

'In the novel, the unexpected death of Barry Fairweather leaves Pagford, the small town he lived in, in shock. Pagford appears to be a peaceful, serene town, but underneath that, it is a town at war. Fairweather's death leaves an empty seat on the parish council, and this causes the biggest fight Pagford has ever seen'

Its interesting to see how her Harry Potter publisher, Bloomsbury, have chosen not to add the novel to they 2012 book list- palming it off on another, smaller publisher- clearly showing a lack of faith in the writer who has for the last 10 years, provided them with huge share growth and an added value of over $300 million. Maybe they know it won't be a success.

So what do you think, will this novel be the end of J.K.Rowlings career, or just the beginning?

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