Friday, 13 April 2012

OMG! Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie Are FINALLY Engaged!

After 7 seven years together, Brad and Angelina have finally announced that they are engaged, and yes people...there is a ring! Pitts manager said; 'yes, they are engaged, and Brad designed the ring! There is no date set at this time.' This is without a doubt going to be the biggest wedding of the decade, press wise, although the famously low key Brad and Ange will probably simplify it as much as possible, and are said to be going to ask wedding guests to donate any wedding gifts to their favourite charities.

It will be Angelina's third marriage and Brad's second after Jennifer Aniston- for many it has been a long time coming after they have raised six children together. The couple had previously declared that they would never marry until gay marriage was legalised all over the United States, but in a recent interview they claimed to have changed their mind, saying that it 'means more and more to our kids.'

We wait in earnest to hear Jennifer Aniston's response, as many times through the years it has been reported that the star is still in love with Brad, though at this time it seems more likely her response will be her own engagement to boyfriend Justin Theroux, which sources say is 'imminent.'


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