Thursday, 19 April 2012

OMG! Does Christina Aguilera HATE Justin Bieber?

According to reports Christina agave Justin 'stink eye' while on set at the voice, and she refused to talk to him, other than a cold 'Hello' as they passed each other in the corridor.

Many were saying that they speed Christina giving Justin some seriously nasty looks in the corridor, and was being very sarcastic in reference to his career and vocal abilities.

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However, US Weekly have said that Christina had nothing but lovely thing to say about the young star; ”You know, he’s definitely popular with the ladies and he came on the show tonight, it was a fun burst of energy. He’s a really charismatic guy and it was cute!” Well, that's any 'stink eye' issues sorted.

Here's a pic of JB performing his new single 'Boyfriend' on The Voice;

You can get his new single here for just $0.99 on Amazon;

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