Friday, 6 April 2012

OMG! Britney Spears New Single- Money, Love + Happiness LEAKED!

After months of speculation, Britney is back!

With a beat filled 'Money, Love and Happiness', clearly Britney hasn't lost it at all- and although it isn't fully mastered, its an amazing track, and all Britney fans will be so impressed- Any new Britney is good Britney! With a new album on the cards, and brand new, sharp and amazing amazing production, this first offering seems in tune with her recent pop/electro manoeuvres on 'Femme Fetale' and 'Blackout'. Either way the new album looks amazing! Lets just hope theres a world tour to back it up, or maybe she'll join Madonna on her 50 date world tour!

Listen Here; Money, Love & Happiness

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