Monday, 16 April 2012

Lindsay Lohan Isn't Worried About Coachella Effect On Probation!

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan doesn't think that the smoking, drug taking and boozing that goes on at Coachella is anywhere near similar to what goes on in a normal club. According to sources close to the star, who has been partying at Coachella all weekend, Lindsay doesn't feel she did anything wrong or went against Judge Sautner, she's 'only there for the music.'

Lindsay appeared at four to five events over the weekend, and knew people were whispering about her everywhere she went. However, she's been at Coachella every year for five years, and doesn't feel like her going is a big deal. She's going to continue to enjoy her life and not worry about what people say, claim friends.

Lindsay needs to be careful though, she's currently undergoing investigation for having assaulted a woman in a hotel bathroom, though she claims its just people trying to bring her down, made obvious by the claims that she committed a hit-and-run earlier this month, which turned out to be completely false.

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