Thursday, 22 March 2012

Amber Rose Steals From Kanye West!?

So heres the deal...Its seems another day, another story is circulating about Amber Rose, the latest by her former publicist Janero. 

He told YBF magazine; 

SHIT is about to go down...FACT. Amber Rose was so angry about Janero's confessions that she send him this swear filled message: 


Janero came out with all sorts, along with why Amber Rose is an awful person, how she committed adultery while with Kanye, and how much she really made from him. Apparently, for the unreleased 'Robocop' video, she was paid in excess of $100,000. 20% of which Janero was meant to get but never paid for, so if you think this is just another person trying to gain fame from Amber's 'greatness', think again. He has legit reason to be annoyed. 

Fact is- she needs to watch out for who she upsets in this business, or she'll always be remembered just as Kanye's Girl.

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