Sunday, 25 March 2012

PETA: 'Kim K Is Heartless And Should Get A Life'! They Hit Back

Animal activists at PETA have hit back at Kim Kardashian after the Flour bombing incident. After learning that the most famous Kardashian was planning on suing the woman who threw flour all over her at an event for her new perfume 'True Reflections', they have since come out and told KK to 'get a life'.

Kim revealed she was suing after she saw how bad the incident really was and the way it has been referred to as 'bullying' in the press. Since, PETA have called her a 'fur hag' and claimed that the incident was staged in a stand against the beauty wearing fur on a regular basis. It seems strange that after Khloe, her sister, ran the 'i'd weather go naked than wear fur campaign', that the people at PETA now have such an issue with the Kardashian clan.

The Bosses at PETA told that 'If Kim presses charges, at least people will be constantly reminded of the selfish, callous deaths she causes by wearing fur'. They ended by saying; 'If anything, Kim needs to get a life, the very thing she denies animals by wearing fur.'

Wow. Do you think Kim K will push through with the lawsuit? Comment below.

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