Thursday, 22 March 2012

Britney; No Travel or NO X Factor

From what we've heard, Britney Spears has apparently turned down a massive $10-million-deal to appear in the X-Factor after the booting of Paula Abdul. According to sources close to the star, she is now asking Simon Cowell for between $12-million and $15-million for her appearance, along with a whole host of other demands. A source close to the Femme Fetale superstar claims that Spears wants to 'squeeze Cowell for everything he's got' as she knows how badly he wants her on his X Factor- they've always had a good relationship, ever since her performance on the show in 2008, when she released her comeback album 'Circus'. 

Not only that, but along with her ridiculous monetary demands she also wants a  'no travel clause' so that she does not have to leave her to small children, aged 5 and 6. 

This seems odd considering the long period's of time she spends away from the kids while on tour that make her $30 odd million a time.

She also wants  a get out clause, so that she can leave after one season if anything better comes up. Cowell reportedly wants her on board for 2years, which could result in a huge $30 million dollar payout for Spears.

Whatever happens, it looks set to be another massive year in the roller coaster life of Miss Britney Spears!

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