Sunday, 27 May 2012

Britney Walks Out After ONE DAY On The X Factor!

The pop princess has been said to have been devastated when a contestant completely butchered her 2010 hit 'Hold It Against Me' at the auditions, during which she felt people were laughing at her. According to sources on the set of filming, straight after the audition she got up and walked out, 'without saying anything to anybody'. You can see from the picture below...

Friends of the superstar have been worried about how they feel she will handle the pressure of judging on such a high profile show- apparently, Britney hates criticism- she knows she can't sing, write or tour like the best any longer, and she knows she'll come under fire for it. A source claims 'the money was just too good to turn down.'

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The Britney walk out has already been marred by a string of incidents that day, that begun with Simon Cowell tweeting; 'been waiting for Britney for 2 hours now.'

She did however, look stunning on the day of filming in a hot pink dress, and sky high heels! (pics above!)

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