Monday, 23 April 2012

Chris Brown Pushes Back 'Fortune' Album!

Chris Brown has pushed back his brand new album 'Fortune' until July 3rd, bad news for Breezy fans. The official line is that Chris has pushed back the album to make sure it is perfect, however, sources behind the scene say that with Chris' recent record label move, with acts like Britney Spears, there has been 'infighting and backstabbing'. Apparently, Chris blew up at other unnamed  acts entourage and walked out of a recent business meeting.

Friends said that he's threatened to 'pull the album' and he loves it so much, he needs to to be perfect, so even with the fighting, he wants it to be great for everyone listening to it. At least he's committed to his fans!

Regardless of all the drama, you can pre-order the undoubtably amazing new album, EXCLUSIVELY at Amazon, here; 

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