Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Britney Spears Gives Fiance LEGAL Control Over Her Life and Money

Since her well-publicisised breakdown in late 2007 and continuing on through 2008, Britney Spear's father was given full conservatorship of all of her assets, her money, her wellbeing and that of her children. This means that Brit would be on an allowance, and any big decisions that had to be made or any big money that had to be spent would all have to be 'okayed' by her father. But now, with her life back on track and another 3 albums and 2 world tours under her belt, Britney feels it is time to move away from that phase of her life, and has now submitted an appeal to court that her new fiancĂ© Jason Tradwick should look after all of her money and assets, in a joint conservatorship  with her father. 

All of this has to be run by Judge Goetz, who has been looking after Britney since her 'sticky situation' in 2008. Goetz has held frequent meetings with Brits father for updates on her wellbeing and financial health, to make sure she is not taken advantage of, (so fear not Britney fans, Tradwick is not another K-Fed in disguise) Britney rarely attends these meetings but has met with the judge several times.

The Grammy-winning singer and Trawick have been dating since 2009 and announced in December that they are engaged. No wedding date has been announced.

Goetz will also consider whether to allow the sale of Spears' former home in the Hollywood Hills for $4.25 million. The home was a frequent target of the paparazzi and was the residence where Spears was removed under police escort for a psychiatric hold. The home holds many sad memories of her former lifestyle and she simply wants this to be the last piece of that phase of her life to be removed, more so that she can fully move on more than anything else.

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