Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Madonna Responds To DeadMau5's Critism Via Twitter!

OMG! DeadMau5 is now completely heroic! He took on the queen of pop on her 'ask madonna' day on twitter in a bid to promote her new album 'MDNA'. After slamming her via twitter and in the press, brandishing her a 'f**king idiot', he then wrote to her direct and said; 'you're a role model to 100's of million. You have a powerful voice, EDM [electric dance music] could use you're positive influence, mot 'molly' talk.' (Check out the picture below to see the whole conversation!)

Madonna then responded with the above picture, and things seemed quite civil between the pair, with her apologising for her use of the drug references, and he for 'running his mouth.' Personally, the reason she gave for her talk of 'molly', a primary ingredient of ecstasy, doesn't seem to add up...'i was talking about a song' with someone who 'almost' worked on my album. Surely then, Madonna, you can't expect your fans to understand your references, if the song in question doesn't even appear on MDNA?

I think she's looking for a quick way out of this mess, and after her daughter was caught smoking on the street in New York earlier in the week, she has to be careful what she says and does. Giving a reason that no one can prove or disprove is the perfect way for her to get out of trouble.

Props to DeadMau.
Shame on you, Madonna.

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