Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jonas Brothers Set To Get Own Reality TV Show

It was reported only a few months ago that The Jonas Brothers were to get their own reality TV show.

The show is said to be masterminded by reality TV maverick Ryan Seacrest, the man behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians, E! Televisions biggest ever hit.

The show was supposed to follow Kevin and Danielle's life in New jersey, but seemingly the other brothers have also become involved. 

As young men, they were involved in shows loosely based around reality with Nickolodean and Disney, however, this show, on an adult network, would definitely consider more adult themes, like that of married life and the trial and tribulations the boys have faced while moving to NYC.

This should be a good show, and hopefully will reveal a different side of the brother that the public haven't seen before, possibly a less child like side, giving way to a bigger market in adults, a move the boys have been looking at for a while, as they have grown up.

After all, Disney couldn't have lasted forever, right? 

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