Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Amy Winehouse Estate: Finally Divided

After being given a £10 million ($15million) valuation by the Sunday Times Rich List last year, it seems not all was as it seemed with Amy Winehouse's estate. Its finally been decided that as she left no will, all of the money will go to her parents Mitch and Janis. According to The Sun newspaper, Amy had more than £4,257,580 in assets, with £2,944,554 remaining after taxes and unpaid bills.

This includes one of her business' worth just over £2 million, while her other is worth just £8,000. This does not include her £3 million Chelsea home she was found dead in though, making Amy's total value around £7.5million. A far cry from the original estimate of £10mil. 

A friend said however, that Amy spent money like water, bought anything for anyone whenever they wanted it, and that you could burn a pile of money in front of her face and she simply wouldn't care...'money was worthless to Amy.' According to the pal, money was just something she needed to buy, and spent the majority of the money she spent on other people, handing out big fistfuls of cash to any of her friends who were in trouble, and saying not a word about it.

The source added that had she have created a will, she almost certainly would have left ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil something- she still loved him when she passed away. Like most 27 year olds, she hadn't ever even thought of creating a will, so as natural progression, the judge deemed it only right that the money go to her parents. Undoubtably, they will put it all into the Amy Winehouse foundation, set up by Mitch after the death of his daughter to tackle drinking and drug abuse.

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