Friday, 27 April 2012

The Pregnant Man Admits: 'My Wife Punched Me In The Crotch'

The super-famous pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, who has created documentaries about his pregnancy worldwide has today admitted that hs wife is an alcoholic and abusive '...and once punched me in the crotch.'

He even claims that he once had to stop a drunken Nancy Beatie taking their kids to daycare, to which she responded to cussing him out and shoving him, all in front of the children.
According to him, in mid-January, Thomas had to call 911 as in the middle of the night he woke up with blood coming out of his face- his wife had punched him while he was asleep for no reason at all. She was in a violent, drunken rampage and he was worried about what she would do to the children. A close friend says; 'he knew he needed to get her out of the house.'

Nancy has responded by filing her own court papers, and claiming that it is in fact THOMAS, who has been beating and emotionally abusing her. A hearing took place earlier this month, in which Thomas testified within an open court. He has taken out a restraining order against her and banned her from coming to see him or the children.

We reall do wonder what kind of psychological effect, all the drama and mess has  had on their children. Oh, and having a pregnant father.

The next hearing is due on May 7th.

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