Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Michael Jackson Ordered A Shooting On His Own BROTHER? OMG!

Apparently so! One of MJ's ex-body guards has come forward and claimed that he ordered a shooting to his inner circle on brother Randy Jackson.

Matt Fiddes claimed 'Michael was in a constant battle with his brothers for years.' The fight was apparently about the superstars reluctance to involve himself in a 500 million dollar deal to reunite the Jackson 5- a deal that would rapidly increase the cash-strapped family's finances, and something that the other brother had been insisting on for years before MJ's death.

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Things came to a head in 2008 when Randy pushed past Michaels bodyguards and told him he HAD to go on tour with his brothers. An argument ensued and Randy left with Michael ordering his guards to 'shoot out' Randy's home.

Apparently the brother was so scared he 'threatened to tell the press', and had to get his own armed guard just to protect himself and his family. Fiddes said 'Michael was out of his mind on drugs.'

Earlier this week Fiddes dished the dirt to British newspaper, 'The Sun', and claimed that MJ 'hated Madonna, and pushed pins through a voodoo doll of her, while he spat when he saw a Steven Spielberg film'. All after he became a 'Nazi Sympathiser'

Super-Celeb site TMZ reached out to Michael's estate, but so far have not received any comment, either way, the allegations must be very hurtful.

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